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What are the applications of power distribution box?

Outdoors integrated distribution cabinet series is suitable for AC 50 Hz, rated voltage up to 0.4 kV power transmission and distribution system. This series of product is a combination of automatic compensation and power distribution. And it is a innovative indoors and outdoors pressure distribution cabinet of electrical leakage protection, energy metering, over-current, over-pressure open phase protection. It has benefits of small volume, easy installation, low cost, electricity-stolen prevention, strong adaptability, resistance to aging, accurate rotor, no compensation error, etc. Therefore it is the ideal and preferred product for electric grid reformation.  
 2.Product Shell:
The product is made of bending and welding of high quality stainless steel. Compared with other distribution boxes made of cold steel, its tensile ability, oxidation resistance, corrosion resistance has been greatly strengthened, and it extends the service life of the equipment. Novel design shows scientific innovation and achievements. On the other hand, V-type box is equipped with sealing rubber strip, which can prevent the dust, and it is fitted with floor at the same time. It can be installed electrical equipment. The open angle is greater than 90 degrees. It is adopted the new design: waterproof, anti-theft, anti-dust. And organic glass has been adopted to increase safety, easily installation and operation. Specifications, sizes can be customized according to customers' requests. 
 3.Product Function:

Outdoors integrated distribution box - JP series is designed according to reformation requirements and operational experience of gird construction, based on the principle of security, economic, reasonable and reliable. It is a new type outdoors integrated distribution box with functions of power distribution, controlling, protection, reactive power compensation, power metering. At the same time the electric leakage protection can be added according to users' requirements. The product has several benefits: novel structure, reasonable, high protection grade, convenient installation, debugging, maintenance and repair, etc. The product conforms to standard GB7251.1-1997, and passed 3C certification. It is the ideal low-voltage apparatus in reformation of power grids. Outdoors integrated distribution box - JP series is suitable for 0.4 kV voltage grade of power distribution, metering , protection and automatic reactive power compensation. 

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