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Low Voltage Industrial Switchgear

Low Voltage  Industrial  Switchgear Detail:

Some of the available options regarding the fabrication of our panels are :

- Housing Fixed Type Circuit Breaker
- Housing Withdrawable Type Circuit Breakers
- Panels with withdrawable compartments / drawers 

* Forms of Separation
The options available regarding the level of separation between busbars and functional units are:
* Form 2 - Functional units are separated from the busbar.
*  Form 3 - Busbar is separated from the functional units and the functional units are separated from each other.
* Form 4 - Busbars are separated from the functional units and terminals.

Service conditions
◎Ambient air temperature: -15°C~+40°C;
◎Humidity: Daily mean not exceeds 95%,daily mean of water vapor pressure not exceeds 2.2kPa;
Monthly mean not exceeds 90%, monthly mean of water vapor pressure not exceeds 1.8kPa.
◎Seismic intensity: not beyond Ms8.
◎Places free of obvious pollution of corrosive or flammable gas.

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