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Precautions for maintenance of power distribution cabinet

The power distribution cabinet is mainly used to manage the circuit, and when there is a circuit fault, it is also conducive to people's maintenance. There are precautions for power failure and power transmission. Many communities, campuses and factories have installed power distribution cabinets, which can not only timely know people's power consumption, but also timely eliminate problems.
At present, the property management company is responsible for the replacement and maintenance. Many individuals do not know how to carry out the maintenance of the power distribution equipment, and how to repair the power distribution cabinet after it has problems. The maintenance precautions are the most important. Before sorting out the distribution cabinet, remember to disconnect it and then reorganize it. If it is cleaned with power on.
It is very simple to cause leakage, short circuit, etc. Therefore, it is necessary to check whether the circuit has been disconnected before cleaning. Secondly, when cleaning the power distribution cabinet, it is necessary to prevent moisture from remaining in the power distribution cabinet. If there is moisture, it should be scrubbed with a dry cloth to ensure that the power distribution cabinet can be powered on under dry conditions.
Remember not to use corrosive chemicals to clean the distribution cabinet, but also to prevent the distribution cabinet from touching corrosive liquid or air. If the power distribution cabinet encounters corrosive liquid or air, its appearance is simply corroded and rusted, which affects its beauty and is not conducive to its maintenanc

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