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Box type substation for sale

Ac metal closed type shift switch cabinet is a three-phase ac 50HZ indoor device metal closed switch equipment.Is used in power plants, substation system rated voltage 35kV, rated maximum current 2000A maximum voltage no more than 40.5kV single bus or single bus sectionalized sets of distribution equipment.
This switch device meets the requirements of DL/ t404-91, IEC298, GB3906 and other standards, and has the functions of preventing wrong operation of circuit breaker, pushing and pulling handcart with load, grounding line, power transmission with grounding line and accidental charging interval (referred to as "five precautions").
Box type substation is suitable for residential district, urban public change, bustling downtown, construction power and so on. Users can choose box type change according to different use conditions and load grade. Since the advent of the box substation, it has developed very rapidly. In developed countries, 70% of the distribution transformers have been developed, and the United States has accounted for 90%. The rapid development of China's urban modernization and the renovation of urban distribution network will be widely applied.environment condition.

Box type substations are used in high-rise residential, luxurious villas, square parks, residential areas, small and medium factories, mines, oil fields, and temporary construction electricity and other places to accept and distribute electricity in the distribution system. 

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