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Low Voltage switchgear power distribution box

low voltage fixed-mounted switchgear assembly is applicable to the power users, such as power plants, substations, industrial and mining enterprises etc. with AC 50Hz, rated operating voltage 380V, rated current up to 3150A power distribution system as a driving force, conversion of electrical energy for lighting and power distribution equipment as well as the purposes of distribution and control. The product has high breaking capacity. The rated short-time withstand current is up to 50KA, with the characteristics of flexible line scheme, convenient combination, strong practicality, novel structure and so on. The product is one of our assembly type fixed panel switchgears in China.

Product Characteristics:
1.Metal-enclosed and separately arranged, with high protection Category
2.Enclosure with Front -Cabinet protection and back-cabinet protection, the Board can be arranged and fixed along with the wall to save the spaces
3.Protection Category of enclosure reaches to IP4X,
4.Elec.Line Cabinet with full spaces for mount and arrange in-coming and out-going lines for the convenience of Fixing, protecting and maintaining
The switchgear is mainly used in power plants, small-and mediumsized power generators, industrial and mining enterprises, and secondary substations of power system for power receiving, power transmission, and startup of large-sized high-voltage motor in order to implement control, protection, and monitor.

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