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Outdoor Waterproof Stainless steel distribution box

Stainless steel distribution box scope:
-Electric Cabinet body, electric box body
-Junction box
-Electronic control independent cabinet, electronic control combination cabinet, electronic control operation table
-Equipment and electrical housing
-Metal cover, metal box
-Custom metal bracket
-PC computer cabinet
-Terminal cabinets for banking and telecommunications services.

1.We have always insisted on providing the overall problem-solving solution from the perspective of practicality, safety, beauty and intelligence, starting from the actual needs of users.

2.The control cabinet body is customized according to the actual requirements of customers. On the premise of ensuring the safety of the cabinet  products, the aesthetic and elegant appearance should be emphasized at the same time, and the quality of the products should be pursued from  inside to outside.

3.At present, the application fields of control cabinets include high-end equipment manufacturing, nuclear power, wind power, photovoltaic, intelligent power transmission and distribution system, automobile manufacturing, environmental protection, water treatment, rail transit, ships, etc.

our company as a Stainless steel distribution box Factory ,provide Outdoor Waterproof  Stainless steel distribution box ,if you need that pls contact us.

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