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PLC electrical equipment control cabinet

With the frequency technology become more and more mature, the use of frequency inverter, PLC, digital-analog conversion module, temperature sensor, temperature module and other devices combine to form a closed-loop automatic temperature control system, the system can work smoothly and more stable, More important Its energy-saving reach to as much as 30% or more, can bring good economic benefits.

According to the system working conditions, we can set a variety of control button and indicators. Such as forward, reverse, motor speed boost, motor speed deceleration, jog forward, jog reverse, manual / automatic, emergency stop, frequency conversion, power frequency, PLC control, touch screen and so on in the front door of the panels .

Industry, Electrical industry, Mining industry, mechanical, metals, components for furniture, auto, machines etc

our company as a PLC control cabinet Factory in china ,provide PLC electrical equipment control cabinet  ,if you need that pls contact us.

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