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HXGN17-12 Box Type Fixed High Voltage Ring Network Switchgear Supplier

HXGN17-12 box type fixed ring network high voltage switchgear (hereinafter referred to as ring network cabinet) is a 6-10kV three-phase AC 50Hz ring network power supply and terminal power supply system for indoor power distribution equipment. It is mainly used in distribution sites such as factories, mines, residential quarters, high-rise buildings, schools, etc., as a means of receiving and distributing electrical energy. The ring network cabinet meets the requirements of the national standard GB3906 "3-35kV AC metal-enclosed switchgear" and the international standard IEC298 "AC metal-enclosed switchgear and control equipment", and has two "five-proof" interlocking functions.

As the electrical equipment of the professional manufacturers, in the face of new opportunities and challenges, South Asian people know that a long way to go.The development of the electric power industry needs the efforts of the whole society and participate actively, we are willing to cooperate with you, create a better future.

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