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KYN28A-12 Armored central AC metal-enclosed switchgear Manufacturers

KYN28A-12 armored central AC metal-enclosed switchgear (hereinafter referred to as switchgear) is a new product designed and developed by Baixing based on the absorption of advanced manufacturing technology at home and abroad. It can replace all kinds of old metal-enclosed switchgear. 
KYN28A- 12 armored centrally-mounted metal-enclosed switchgear is suitable for 3.6--12KV three-phase AC 50Hz power grid, as a means of receiving and distributing electrical energy, and controlling, monitoring and protecting the circuit. Can be used for single busbars, single busbar segmentation systems or dual busbar systems. The switchgear complies with IEC298 "AC metal-enclosed switchgear and control equipment with rated voltage above 1 KV and below 52KV", IEC694 "Common Terms of High-Voltage Switch and Control Equipment", China GB3906 "3--36KV AC Metal-Enclosed Switchgear" and DIA04 "Order AC high voltage switchgear ordering conditions", Germany DIN.VDE0670 "AC switchgear with rated voltage above 1 KV" and other standards. And has a complete and reliable anti-misoperation function.

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