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GGJ Intelligent low voltage reactive power compensation device China

The GGJ series intelligent low-voltage reactive power compensation device is used for the main circuit of the enterprise power system and each branch circuit to improve the power factor and avoid reactive power from the power system, thereby saving electricity costs. The capacitor automatic switching device includes a multi-function automatic power compensation controller, which has an automatic switching capacitor bank and various functions such as measuring and displaying various power parameters and outputting an alarm signal. The complete automatic power factor improving capacitor device includes a BSMJ type capacitor bank, which is mainly constructed as a DRFK type intelligent low voltage composite switch and a high performance fuse for each circuit including a capacitor and a capacitor, which makes maintenance very simple in cable or copper. The capacitor bank is free to adjust the capacity under the current-resistant conditions allowed by the row and switching switches. For larger capacity capacitors (more than 300KVAR), multiple cabinets can be used in parallel, and each cabinet has its own independent protection system. The low-voltage automatic power factor adjustment capacitor complete device can be used for three-phase compensation, or can be designed as a combination of compensation and sub-compensation according to customer needs, to meet various needs of customers.
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