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Box Type Substation Suppliers

Box type substation is a compact complete set of power distribution device which combines high-voltage switchgear, distribution transformer, low-voltage switchgear, electric energy metering equipment and reactive power compensation device in one or several boxes according to a certain wiring scheme. It is suitable for the rated voltage of 10 / 0.4kV three-phase AC system, as line and distribution of electric energ.Compared with the European box type substation of the same capacity, the structure of the American box type transformer substation is more reasonable. Because the European box transformer installs the transformer and common high-voltage electrical equipment in the same metal enclosure box, the room temperature of the transformer is very high, which causes heat dissipation difficulty and affects the output; on the other hand, the common high-voltage load switch, fuse and low-voltage switch cabinet are used in the box, so the European style box type transformer substation is of European type The volume of the box type transformer substation is relatively large. The structure of the American type box transformer substation is different from that of the European type box transformer substation. From the layout, the low-voltage chamber, transformer room and high-voltage chamber are not arranged in the shape of an eye, but in the shape of a product. From the structure, this box type transformer is divided into two parts: the front part and the back part. The front part is the high-voltage and low-voltage operation interval. The operation interval includes high-voltage and low-voltage wiring terminals, load switch operating handle and no-load voltage regulation Section switch, plug-in fuse, oil level gauge, etc.; at the back is the oil filling box and heat sink, and the transformer winding, iron core, high-voltage load switch and fuse are put into the transformer oil tank.

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