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PLC Control Cabinet Manufacturer

PLC control cabinet Overview:

PLC control cabinet is an electric cabinet with PLC as the core control unit, which can realize the control of fans, pumps, electric valves and other field equipment. According to the actual control scale, the automatic control of single cabinet can be realized, and the DCS control system can also be composed of multi cabinets through industrial Ethernet or industrial fieldbus network. It is widely used in electric power, metallurgy, chemical industry, papermaking, environmental protection sewage treatment and other operations. It can realize remote assistant control, data acquisition, real-time data transmission, online data analysis, large data analysis and application, etc.  
PLC control cabinet can adapt to industrial automation control occasions of various sizes. Widely used in electric power, metallurgy, chemical, paper, environmental sewage treatment industries. The PLC control cabinet can complete equipment automation and process automation control to achieve perfect network functions.

Standard TCPS mechanical configuration:

1 set of body / 1 top cover / 1 front door / 1 back panel / 1 mounting plate / 2 side panels / 2 single-row side mold beams / simple packing
Frame: 1.5mm thick nine-bend profile / Front door: 2.0mm cold-rolled steel plate / Back plate: 1.5mm cold-rolled steel plate / Mounting plate: 3.0mm cold-rolled steel plate
Side beam: 1.5mm thick cold-rolled steel plate
Frame: RAL7044 / Mounting plate: orange or galvanized / Cabinet: RAL7032 or RAL7035 / Base: RAL7022

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