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GZDW Lntelligent High Frequency Switching DC Power Supply China

GZDW series of high frequency switching DC power supply. As a closing switch and relay protection device provides DC operation power and signal power control and as special equipment by DC power supply, widely used in various types of small and medium-sized power plant, substation ( the ) place of electrified railway, large and medium-sized construction enterprises and institutions substation, power distribution room and emergency lighting provides DC power supply.
The intelligent high-frequency switch rectifier technology is adopted.The charging process is completely in conformity with the GDZW charging curve requirements for microprocessor control DC power cabinet.Itsmodules and monitoring system can realize intelligent charging of battery, and has the perfect functions of remote control, telemetry, remote signaling and remote regulation.
GZDW Intelligent high frequency switching DC power supply combines high-frequency switching technology and computer technology. The power output unit adopts modular (N+ 1) redundant design. The monitoring unit can adopt high-performance high-speed PLC or microcomputer. The display operation unit adopts new human-machine interface touch screen, which can be hot-plugged. Dial and other advantages. With "remote control, telemetry, remote signaling, remote adjustment" function, it is a new high-quality DC operating power supply. Applicable to unattended locations such as substations and power plants of 500kV and below.

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