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PS Rittal Cabinet For Sale


The internal frame of the PS series Rittal cabinet is made of high-quality cold-rolled steel plate - the sub-machined nine-fold curved column, which is formed by steel insert and welded double connection. The overhead ring is directly connected with the steel insert to ensure the lifting strength of the frame. Dynamic load bearing 600kg. The four-sided siding can be disassembled to facilitate the installation of internal electrical equipment and the connection of multiple single cabinets. The frame column has a mounting hole every 25mm - a DIN-mounted mounting hole makes the installation and fixing of internal electrical components more convenient and efficient. Doors of modular heights of various heights (200-100mm) can be installed on the front side of the cabinet, further expanding the scope of use of the PS cabinet. The intuitive operator panel, modular internal structure, and easy-to-maintain segmented movable door structure make it a classic switchboard system control cabinet. The bottom plate is a plurality of movable cover plates, which ensures convenient and flexible routing, and the base can be selected as a fixed or assembled base. The perfect structural design makes the field installation and operation performance suitable for different control industries. The unique piano operating table determines the efficiency of the machine and the factory, providing the perfect working environment between the highly sensitive controller and the operator. Ensuring the most economical operation of modern plants, widely used in power plant control, transportation, laboratory technology research and development and various tool manufacturing lines

Standard TCPS mechanical configuration:

1 set of frame
1 cover
1 front door
1 piece of back plate
1 mounting plate
2 side panels
Single row of side mold beams 2 pieces
convenient pack
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