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China Principle Of Electromagnetic Heating

Principle of electromagnetic heating

Working principle of Electromagnetic heater. Electromagnetic heater is also called electromagnetic induction heater. It is a system that converts electrical energy into thermal energy. First, the alternating current 220V or 380V is rectified through the rectifier bridge on the mainframe.

The principle of electromagnetic induction heating is that the alternating current generated by the induction heating power source generates an alternating magnetic field through the inductor (ie, the coil), and the magnetic conductive object is placed therein to cut the alternating magnetic field lines, thereby generating an alternating current (ie, eddy current) inside the object. The eddy current causes the atoms inside the object to move at a high speed and irregularly, and the atoms collide with each other and friction to generate heat energy, thereby heating the article. That is, a heating method in which electric energy is converted into magnetic energy to cause the heated steel body to induce magnetic energy and generate heat. In this way, it fundamentally solves the problem of low efficiency of heating by means of heat conduction such as electric heating sheets and electric heating coils.

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