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High Voltage Cable Branch Box Manufacturer

As a High Voltage Cable Branch Box Manufacturer, share with you.

High-voltage cable distribution box Introduction:
High-voltage cable distribution box is widely used in especially suitable for urban power grid renovation projects, which can greatly save electrical equipment and Cable investment improves power supply reliability.
It is main electrical equipment for the cable to be assembled and separated from the outlet of the switchgear. The cable joints of the tap box adopt high-grade insulated imported rubber tightly coated insulation, and there is no exposed live body.
High-voltage cable distribution box Features:
1.Compact structure, small floor space, easy installation, convenient operation and maintenance-free.
2.Outdoor all-weather, full-protection structure, suitable for high temperature, severe cold, flood immersion, high dust area.
3.The cable connector can be used as a switch, which can be plugged and unplugged under load to break 200A load current.
5.After installing the fault indicator, the circuit fault can be quickly detected.

6.The one-time investment is small, the cable length is reduced, the construction area is not occupied, and the money is saved.

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