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What can the cable grounding protection box play?

When the cable is in the process of transportation, it must also pay attention to its safety. However, when it is transported over a long distance, it will cause electromagnetic induction or other reasons, and the voltage will pass through the cable protection layer to form many faults. At this time, if a cable grounding protection box is used, this can be well avoided. When it is used, it can be used according to the actual situation to achieve the safety and protection of the cable. This is the actual situation. In general, it is also determined by the length of the line.

If the line is too long, it is usually a metal protective cover for grounding, and the other is above the protection box. For long lines, when using it, this method can no longer be used. Generally in this case. In addition, the cable grounding protection box can not only avoid the fault caused by its own voltage, but also prevent lightning strikes well, so as to avoid letting it in the lightning environment. The voltage rises. In addition, it will increase the anti-aging ability of the cable.

Of course, there are a lot of places to produce cable grounding protection boxes, so we must also pay attention to its brand when choosing. Please pay attention to the difference between brand and non-brand. If it is branded, when it is used. Not only can it provide good fault prevention, but also can greatly protect the cable. It can resist leakage, heat, cold and so on. Anyone who knows about electricity knows that electricity itself is also a high corrosion. The thing, this time brand products can play a good role in resisting electric erosion, non-brand products can not achieve this.

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