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Principle of electromagnetic heating

Principle of electromagnetic heating
Principle of frequency conversion electromagnetic induction heating technology: rectify AC power into DC power through rectifier circuit, and then convert DC power into high-frequency current with a frequency of 10-30KHZ. When the high-frequency current passes through the electromagnetic induction coil, a "strong magnetic field is generated, When the magnetic field lines in the magnetic field pass through the heated metal container and a certain distance from the induction coil, a strong eddy current will be generated on the surface of the metal container, which will cause the container to heat up quickly, and quickly increase the water or heat transfer oil in the container. Temperature to achieve the purpose of rapid heating.
Electromagnetic heating furnace with water and electricity separation, never leak electricity
Because the induction line diagram does not directly contact the heated object, and the energy is transmitted through electromagnetic induction, Nantianya heating furnace achieves water and electricity separation in a true sense, and it will never leak electricity. Provide safe and efficient guarantees for home editions, bathing, heating of enterprises and institutions, and heating water. The frequency conversion electromagnetic heating has a high conversion rate and a thermal efficiency of more than 99%.

Nantianya electromagnetic heating VS conventional heating products
➊ Magnetized water
Conventional heating, which is easy to form scale, causes a large amount of heat loss, affects the heating of water, reduces the thermal efficiency, and fails to achieve the purpose of energy saving. The heating rod itself is easy to break and directly contact the water body. Use, not only waste money, but also threaten life.
The heating adopts the principle of electromagnetic induction heating. The magnetic field lines activate the heating of water molecules. During the work, the heating core forms a strong fixed magnetic field for water. When the water passes, it is cut by the magnetic field lines to generate magnetized water. Magnetized water is not easy to scale, so it prolongs the electromagnetic heating: the service life of the body and heating system, stable heating efficiency, energy saving, and maintenance-free.
❷ Soft start switch, no starting current shock wave
Conventional products, such as refrigerators and electric stoves, are generated when the machine is turned on. Certain current shock waves cause voltage drops. What you can visually feel is that the lights in the room will be dark for a moment, which will seriously damage the electricity environment and affect other Service life of electrical equipment.
Nantianye products use soft-start switches, and the power at startup will gradually increase in steps to achieve a constant power. When it is turned off, it is derived in reverse, which will not generate electrical shock waves and create a good electricity environment for household appliances.
❸ Constant power
The power output of conventional appliances is unstable. In the displayed daily electricity, the voltage is not constant or high or low, which directly affects the change of power in a positive relationship with the voltage. When the voltage is high, the power will increase, and the load capacity of the appliance is constant. Therefore, if the service life of the appliance is shortened and the voltage is decreased, the power will be reduced. The heat load of the house is constant, so the heating effect will be reduced.
Nantianya's products use a microcomputer frequency conversion electromagnetic heating system to control the power constant. When the voltage changes, the electrical device will automatically adjust the frequency of the pulse width. When the voltage is high, the current will be controlled to decrease. When the voltage is low, the power will be controlled to increase the power to keep the power constant, so as to ensure the heating effect. To extend the life of the appliance.
Power supply: three-phase national line 380 V SOHZ
Power: 40kW, 50kW, 60kW, 80kWV
Thermal efficiency: ≥98%
Power factor: ≥0.995
Outlet and outlet pipe size: 1.5 inches
Water temperature: 20-85 ° C
7.0 inch touch screen control system with PLC control
Controller advantages
① Wide coverage
For every 10 electromagnetic heating stoves produced in China, two use phase shift control algorithms based on DSP control to support Nantianya electromagnetic heating controllers.
② Reliable operation
Phase-shift control algorithm based on DSP control, supporting cloud platform control system.
③ Standard batch production
SMT manufacturing process to ensure product consistency and stability.
② German frequency conversion technology
German Infineon IGBT frequency conversion technology
③ Excess design
50% Shen Yu Standard Industrial Design
② Strong anti-interference ability
Reliable operation of up to 1M
③ Good energy saving effect
Actual measurement, saving more than 30% than resistance heating
②Technical strength
Independent R & D team, 24-hour online technical service
Full of materials
Same power, 30% more material than peers
High reliability
The product adopts international high-quality devices, and the annual repair rate is less than 1%
Strong environmental adaptability
Can be used in harsh environments
long life
Designed service life is more than 5W hours, the company provides free software upgrade service
Soft-start technology
Achieve soft start, soft stop, reduce current and mechanical shock
Highly intelligent
No need for personnel on duty, only need in case of failure, simply replace accessories
Electromagnetic heating controller is the company's main product, mainly designed for plastic machinery, heating, bathing, boilers, oil transportation and other applications. Gao Huan heating products are the ideal kit for supporting heating.
Product conventional environmental heating costs
Heating cost per square meter during heating period = unit area load X working hours per day X heating period days X electricity price unit price.
1. Home users:
At home for a long time, the heating furnace operates 24 hours a day. In order to save operating costs, the temperature can be adjusted to the lowest level when falling asleep at night. The heating cost is about: 20.16 yuan / m2 = 0.06KW / m2x0.6x10hx140 days x0.4 yuan / kWh.
2. Office worker:
Users need to heat up at noon and at night. At this time, the heating furnace can be divided into three periods of intermittent operation. Heating cost is about: 12.096 yuan / m2 = 0.06KW / m3x0.6x8hx80 days x0.4 yuan / kWh.
Taking the daily working hours of 8 hours and 5 days as an example, the heating furnace only operates during the day and the rest of the time is in a frost-proof state. The heating cost is about 13.44 yuan / m2 = 0.07KW / m2x0.6x8hx100 days x 0.4 yuan / kWh.
4. School:
Class time is 5 days a week, with 30 days of winter vacation and short heating time. Due to the special environment, Nantianya inverter electromagnetic heating furnace, which is famous for Anjin Yong's electricity leakage, is the best choice. = 0.07KW / m2x0.6x8hx100 days x0.4 yuan / kWh.
5.Bath Center:
Closed during the day and open at night, electricity prices are lowest at night. When the electricity price is the lowest at night, the water in the water storage tank is heated to reduce the operating costs. Taking a 100W electromagnetic induction heater and a ton of water storage tanks as examples, the water temperature is raised from 10 ° C to 70 ° C for about 12 yuan (electricity fee: 0.2 Yuan / degree). Not only is it energy-saving and environmentally friendly, it will never leak electricity, and it can generate magnetized water by electromagnetic induction heating. Good for your health.
1.0.06KW / m2 is the standard energy-saving building. The requirement for winter heating load is: 55-70W / m2 median.
2. The electricity price of 0.4 yuan / kWh is the unit price of civil electricity in the reference area.
3. Actual heating area = building area x 0.78.
4. Electromagnetic heating works intermittently, similar to air conditioning, and the working time is proportional to the heat load demand of the room.