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ZBW prefabricated substation (European)

ZBW series prefabricated substation (European) is a series of products designed and developed by our company to meet the needs of urban network construction. This series of products is a complete set of power distribution equipment that combines medium voltage switchgear, transformer and low-voltage power distribution equipment into one unit.
This series of prefabricated substations is suitable for 12kV, three-phase AC system with rated frequency of 50Hz. The capacity is set in residential quarters of 2500kVA and below, commercial buildings, large-scale construction sites, high-rise buildings, industrial and mining enterprises and temporary construction sites. Ring network power supply is also suitable for radial terminal power supply. The prefabricated substation of this series has the advantages of compact structure, strong set, safe and reliable operation, convenient maintenance and beautiful appearance. It has small volume, small floor space, large selectivity, small on-site installation and short installation height cycle. And the characteristics of moving with the load center.
Use environment
Ambient air temperature does not exceed +40 ° C, minimum ambient air temperature - -25 C; altitude does not exceed 1000 m, if special transformers and low-voltage components are used, the vertical inclination of up to 3000 m can not exceed 5 °, no Places with severe vibration and no impact; air humidity not greater than 90% (+25C); no conductive dust, no explosion hazard, no corrosive metal and electrical components of gas places; outdoor wind speed does not exceed 35m / s.
Model and its meaning

■Product design features
1. The shell is designed according to the actual situation with reference to foreign advanced technology. It has the characteristics of firmness, heat insulation, good performance, moisture resistance, small animals, moisture proof, beautiful appearance and convenient maintenance. There are many options for housing materials. Such as: aluminum alloy precipitation, steel plates, composite plates, stainless steel plates, non-metallic materials (glass fiber cement).
2. The high-voltage side generally adopts a load switch, and can also adopt a vacuum circuit breaker, and has a complete anti-misoperation function. Such as optional: XGN20-12L SF6 ring network cabinet, HXGN15A, HXGN17 and other ring network switch equipment. The transformer can be oil-immersed transformer, fully sealed transformer, dry-type transformer, and low-voltage room equipment can be selected with GGD1 (2, 3).
3. Substation protection performance is perfect, easy to operate, high and low pressure metering is available for selection, and automatic no power compensation device can be equipped according to user requirements.
4. The top cover of the box is designed as a double-layer structure, and the interlayer is filled with foam plastic and has good heat insulation effect. The high and low pressure chambers are designed with an independent top plate inside, and the transformer room is equipped with anti-condensation and automatic temperature control monitoring, heating and cooling devices.
5. The cabinet is naturally ventilated, and forced ventilation equipment can also be installed. A dustproof device is mounted on the outer side of the door panel and the side panel corresponding to the louver.
The main technical parameters

The box body of the prefabricated substation of this series is mainly composed of a base, a side plate, a partition plate, a door and a top cover, and the box body is divided into a high pressure chamber, a transformer 窜, and a low pressure chamber. The protection level of the cabinet is IP23. The sealing plates, partitions, doors and top covers above the base are made of cold-rolled steel sheets. Connected together by welding or fasteners. Have enough mechanical strength. The inner and outer surfaces of each part of the box are sprayed to form a durable protective layer. The cabinet is protected from rain, sun, rust and ventilation as the most advanced structure at home and abroad.

1. Foundation endurance requirements above 1000Pa
2. The foundation is located at a higher elevation, draining from the outside, using 200# cement mortar, 3% waterproofing agent, slightly inclined to the oil tank at the bottom (cancel the oil tank when dry)
3. The foundation construction shall comply with the relevant provisions of JGJ1683 "Technical Regulations for Electrical Design of Buildings"
4. The grounding trunk and grounding electrode are done as usual, and the grounding resistance is ≤ 4 ohms.
5. The dimensions in the figure are recommended values.

■Basic diagram
1. This product is connected by high-voltage power distribution device, transformer and low-voltage power distribution device. It is divided into three functional compartments, namely high-voltage room, transformer room and low-voltage room. The high and low voltage rooms are fully functional, and the high-voltage side primary power supply system. It can be arranged into a variety of power supply modes such as ring network power supply, terminal power supply, dual power supply, etc. It can also be equipped with high-voltage metering components to meet the needs of high-voltage metering. The transformer room can be selected from S9, SC and other series of low-loss oil-immersed transformers or dry-type transformers; the low-voltage room can be assembled according to user requirements by panel or cabinet-mounted structure, with power distribution, lighting distribution, Reactive power compensation, energy metering and power measurement, etc., to meet the different requirements of users. And convenient for the user's power management and improve the quality of power supply.
2. The high pressure chamber is compact and reasonable, and has a comprehensive anti-misoperation interlock function. When the transformer is required by the user, the transformer can be provided with a track, which can be easily accessed from the gates on both sides of the transformer room. Each room has automatic lighting devices. In addition, all components selected for the high and low pressure rooms are reliable in performance and easy to operate, making the products safe and reliable, and easy to maintain.
3. Adopt natural ventilation and forced ventilation. The transformer room and the high and low pressure rooms have ventilation ducts, and the exhaust fan has a temperature control device that can automatically start and close according to the set temperature to ensure the normal operation of the transformer.
4. The structure of the box can prevent rain and dirt from entering. The material is made of color steel plate and has anti-corrosion and heat insulation function. With long-term outdoor use conditions, it ensures anti-corrosion, waterproof and dustproof performance, long service life and beautiful appearance.