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ZBW Prefabricated substation (US)

ZBW series prefabricated substation (American box change) is also called combined type transformer, commonly known as American box change. It is a new type of product designed and developed in combination with the advanced design concept of foreign countries and the requirements of China's urban and rural distribution network. Thanks to the specially designed 10KV load transfer switch, plug-in fuse, backup protection fuse and high-voltage elbow cable plug, the structure of the device is greatly simplified, and the whole set of boxes is small in size, which can satisfy various terminals and ring networks. The need for a power supply method. It is protected by double fuses, and its fuse has the characteristics of current and temperature, so that the protection sensitivity and reliability are greatly improved. The product can be used outdoors or indoors, and is widely used in apartment buildings, gardens, villas, office buildings, residential buildings, industrial and mining enterprises, commercial centers, urban communities and other places.
Model and its meaning

■Product structure characteristics
※Compact and compact, only 1/3 of the same capacity European box;
※ Fully sealed, fully insulated structure, reliable to ensure personal safety, 200A cable connector can be loaded and unloaded;
※It can be used in terminal type or ring network type, which is flexible and convenient;
※ Adopt Dyn11 connection method, double fuse protection, neutral point does not drift, low noise, low loss, reliable power supply, etc.;
※It can be equipped with fully shielded and fully insulated elbow arrester for easy installation.
※It can penetrate the load center and has low operating cost.

The prefabricated substation is divided into two parts, the front and the back. The front part has high and low pressure operation intervals. The operation interval includes high and low pressure bushings, load switch, tap changer, plug-in fuse, pressure release valve, oil temperature gauge, oil level gauge, oil injection hole, oil drain valve, etc. .

The main technical parameters