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DFW-SF6 High voltage cable branch box

■Product introduction
This product adopts high-performance sulphur hexafluoride load switch with SF6 insulating gas and touch-shielded imported synthetic rubber cable joint. It has strong active load and breaking capacity of no-load cable current and short-circuit current. Lightning arrester and ground fault indicator can be installed according to user requirements. Load switches or vacuum circuit breakers are installed on each ring line in this series. Any branch circuit can be freely exited and put into operation, and other ring circuits are not affected. A fuse can also be attached to the load switch. When a short circuit fault occurs in a branch circuit, the fuse on the branch circuit can quickly open the fault circuit and strike the trip switch of the load switch to open it, and the fault circuit is isolated, thus ensuring the non-faulty branch circuit. Power supply continuity. This product is widely used in cable tapping in 10kV power systems. The connection mode is simple, flexible, convenient, safe and reliable, and the cabinet body is made of stainless steel, which is sturdy and durable. The live part is fully insulated and fully sealed. If the flood-proof and touchable cable head is adopted, it can also withstand flooding and greatly improve the reliability of power supply. This product is widely used in urban industrial communities, residential quarters, commercial centers, mining airports, railways, wind power stations, opening and closing houses and large enterprises such as steel, petroleum, chemical, cement and other distribution networks, especially for urban roads. The power grid reconstruction project can greatly save investment in electrical equipment and cables and improve power supply reliability.
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