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DFW 10kV Cable branch box

This series of cable branch box is suitable for outdoor distribution network with 50Hz, 10kV rated voltage and cable entry and exit line. It is widely used in industrial parks, residential quarters, commercial centers and distribution networks such as mining areas, airports, railways, port areas and power stations. It is especially suitable for urban power grid reconstruction projects.
1. Fully insulated, fully sealed and maintenance free. Reliable personal safety.
2. Simplify the urban cable network system and save investment.
3. Outdoor type, dustproof, moisture proof, flood resistant, corrosion resistant, environmental adaptability, flexible combination, in and out of the line from the second to the eighth, to meet a variety of wiring requirements.
4. Small size, compact structure, beautiful appearance, simple installation, maintenance-free, and a live display, with a short-circuit indicator, with a lightning arrester.
5. It occupies a small area, has a low height, is beautiful in appearance, and can be coordinated with the surrounding environment; the wiring scheme is flexible and diverse, and the installation operation is extremely convenient.
The 6.200A cable head can be loaded and unloaded with the function of an isolating switch. A short-circuit fault indicator can be installed to quickly determine the fault location.
7. It can improve the flexibility of line operation, maintenance and overhaul through load switch or any combination of circuit breaker and cable joint, reduce line blackout time and improve power supply reliability. Can replace
Part of the ring network cabinet or opening and closing, reducing the overall cost of the system.
■Using environmental conditions
The altitude does not exceed 1000 meters;
Operating ambient temperature: -30°C-+40C:
Relative humidity ≤ 95%;
The surrounding air should not be obviously polluted by flammable gases, but it can be polluted by smoke, dust and corrosive gases. The pollution level should not exceed Grade II in GB/T5582.
No frequent and severe vibrations.
Model and its meaning