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Cable tray

■Product introduction
Cable tray is a new type of patented product developed by our company's subsidiaries and domestic universities and research institutes. The product has the advantages of good insulation performance, strong corrosion resistance, large bearing capacity and long service life; and the advantages of light structure, flexible configuration, convenient installation and low cost. It is especially suitable for use in corrosive media such as acids and bases. This product has replaced traditional metal cable trays and is widely used in the construction of cables for construction, petrochemical, electric power, transportation, marine and communications. This product has been listed as a scientific and technological achievements promotion project in Shanghai and Zhejiang Province.
■Structural characteristics
1 insulation, flame retardant and anti-interference performance
The product is made of high quality flame retardant plastic and has strong insulation and flame retardancy. - Once the wire and cable are damaged, it will not cause the short circuit of the wire and cable to the bridge and the electric shock. If the fire is out, it can effectively prevent the damage of the wire and cable. The product also has good shielding performance and can resist radiation. And other electromagnetic interference.
2 corrosion resistance, wear resistance, long life
The product is made of plastic material with a smooth surface. Therefore, no edges and burrs are scratched to damage the wire and cable; and acid and alkali are not rust-free, and maintenance and maintenance of the iron bridge are not required, and the service life in the indoor environment is generally more than 50 years.
3 light weight, easy to install
The product is lighter in weight and requires no lifting machinery and a large number of installers. The cover and the bottom plate of the bridge adopt the natural snap-fit ​​method. During the installation process, the ordinary hacksaw can be used for cutting freely. The cutting machine used for the iron bridge or the flame cutting device such as oxygen is not needed, which causes the paint on the surface of the bridge to be damaged and sharply burred. Produced, causing damage to the cable.
technical parameter